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Taken under tow that evening by John Paul Jones, which transferred her to Moctobi early the next afternoon, Cree returned to San Diego on the 19th, her exhausted crew having battled for 27 hours to keep their ship afloat. Meanwhile, her Intruders caused a secondary explosion at the Da Chong Storage Area with 500 pounders, and hit the Bac Giang Thermal Power Plant, 23 miles northeast of Hanoi, with 1,000 lb bombs. The ships four

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degaussing motor generator sets were removed and overhauled. However, the weather continued to impose restrictions, missions often depending upon a transitory break in the cloud cover to enable targets to be seen from the air. Two days later, Rear Admiral William.

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Enterprise made a high speed run through the night to rendezvous with the ship. Two sampans turned and also began closing. A cluster of approximately a dozen storage buildings was hit, entirely destroying three, and finally, the boundary road surrounding the complex was interdicted. Enterprise, the oldest active combat vessel in the Navy, was scheduled to be decommissioned as late as 2014. She received 22,375 visitors during her stay, returning to Norfolk on the 16th. On 25 May, she passed 100,000 miles of steaming since commissioning. 503 felt pellets hit (though their aircraft remained undamaged) hearing both the explosion and 502 calling Being hit, followed by an ominous silence from the crew of the stricken Intruder.

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Attacking traffic on a road, the flight began receiving intense anti-aircraft and automatic weapons fire commencing at pull. Clearing Pearl Harbor on, Enterprise took part in BgaRem 84-4, an ASW exercise northwest of Kauai appended to RimPac 84, and Bell Volcano 84-1, an amphibious and power projection exercise requiring the ship to provide CAP and CAS, both exercises in the Hawaiian Operations Area. Ratzlaff stood little chance against such a horde and was captured, not being released until 12 February 1973. Noto, reconnaissance attack navigator, rvah-3, launched to make three night carrier landings, at 1918. Enterprise conducted additional air operations in the southern California operating area, (13 and again 26 April7 May, in preparation for the upcoming WestPac deployment. On, an F-4 Phantom II from VF-121 was lost on a catapult shot.